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Pictorial of 888 Eminent Heads of State, Chief Justices and
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17th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World
List of Chief Justices and Judges who had attended the
12th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World (World Judiciary Summit 2011)
7th to 13th December 2011
From 55 countries
1. Hon. Mr Justice B. J. Odoki, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Uganda
2. Hon. Mr Justice Dragisa B. Slijepcevic, President, Constitutional Court, Serbia
3. Hon. Ms Justice R.C Rakotobe Nelly, Premier Président Honoraire de la Cour Supreme, Madagascar
4. Hon. Mr Justice Ousmane Batoko, President, Supreme Court, Benin
5. Hon. Mr Justice Branko Naumoski, President, Constitutional Court , Republic of Macedonia
6. Hon. Mr Justice Fredrick Egonda-Ntende, Chief Justice, Supreme Court , Seychelles
7. Hon. Mr Justice T. S. Zorig, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Mongolia
8. Hon. Mr Justice Mohd. Chande Othman, Chief Justice, Tanzania
9. Hon. Mr Justice Omar O. Makungu, Chief Justice, High Court, Zanzibar
10. Hon. Ms Justice Zaila McCalla, O.J, Chief Justice, Supreme Court , Jamaica
11. Hon. Mr Justice Bashkim Dedja, President, Constitutional Court , Albania
12. Hon. Justice Prof. Abdul Salam Azimi, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Afghanistan
13. Hon. Mr Justice Abderahim B. Hamid, President, Supreme Court, Tchad
14. Hon. Mr Justice Silvio Camelleri, Chief Justice, Supreme Court , Malta
15. Hon. Mr Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr., Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court , Philippines
16. Hon. Mr Justice T. T. Tekoe, Former President, Supreme Court, Togo
17. Hon. Ms Justice Fatoumata Diakite, President International Association of Judges, Cote d'ivoire
18. Hon. Mr Justice Vincent A. De Gaetano, Chief Justice Emeritus and Judge, European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe, France
19. Hon. Justice Dr Adel O. Sherif, Deputy Chief Justice, Supreme Constitutional Court, Egypt
20. Hon. Mr Justice Eliezer Rivlin, Deputy President, Supreme Court, Israel
21. Hon. Ms Justice Zarella V. Monge, Vice-President, Supreme Court , Costa Rica
22. Hon. Mr Justice Medhin Kiros, Vice President, Federal Supreme Court, Ethiopia
23. Hon. Mr Justice Ricardo Li Rosi. Judge, National Court of Appeals, Vice President of IJA & General Director of AIEJ, Argentina
24. Hon. Justice Dr. Professor Oscar E. Simiele, President, Latin American Judicial Academy (AIEJ), Argentina
25. Hon. Mr Justice Hugo Molteni, Judge, National Court of Appeals, Academic Director IJA-AIEJ, Argentina
26. Hon. Ms Justice Particia E. Castro, Judge, National Court of Appeals, Argentina
27. Hon. Mr Justice Pablo A. Vassel, DirectorHuman Rights Division, Counsil of Judges , Argentina
28. Hon. Ms Justice María Virginia Barreyro, Member, Counsil of Judges of Argentina, Argentina
29. Hon. Ms Justice Maria Cristina Zucchi, Judge, Court of Appeal, Second Instance, Brazil
30. Hon. Ms Justice Campos Refosco, Criminal Judge of Sao Polo, Brazil
31. Hon. Ms Justice Roxana J.Vargas Machuca, Judge, Superior del Poder Judicial, Peru
32. Hon. Ms Justice Lucia M. La Rosa Guilllen, Judge, Superior de la Corte de Lima, Peru
33. Hon. Ms Justice Rita M. Walde, Judge, Superior De La Corte De Lima, Peru
34. Hon. Ms Justice Mercedes D. Gomez Marchisio, Magistrada de la Corte de Lima , Peru
35. Hon. Ms Justice Iris Estela Pacheco Huancas, Magistrada de la Corte de Lima Norte , Peru
36. Hon. Mr Justice Jesus Manuel Rossell Castañeda, Judge, Superior Court, Peru
37. Hon. Mr Justice Carlos E. Rueda Davila, Judge, Court of Appeals, Mexico
38. Hon. Mr Justice Marco Maldonado Castro, Criminal Judge of Pichincha Province, Ecuador
39. Hon. Ms Justice Lorena del Carmen C. Peñafiel, Judicial Officer of Pichincha Province, Ecuador
40. Hon. Mr Justice Pedro A. S. Buitrago, Judge, Court of Appeals, Bogotá , Colombia
41. Hon. Mr Justice Jorge E. F. Vargas, Judge, Civil Court of Appeals, Bogotá, Colombia
42. Hon. Ms Justice Cristina Crespo, Vice President, International Association of Judges, Uruguay
43. Hon. Ms Justice Cristina Goitiño, Judge, Canelones Province, Uruguay
44. Hon. Ms Justice Perez Azziz Estrella, First Instance Judge, Family Court, Montevideo , Uruguay
45. Hon. Mr Justice Igor Spirovski, Judge, Constitutional Court, Republic of Macedonia
46. Hon. Mr Justice Nabil Sari, President Judge, Counselor, Court of Cassation, Lebanon
47. Hon. Ms Justice Rosa Acon Ng, Judge, Poder Judicial Corte Suprema de Justicia, Costa Rica
48. Hon. Ms Justice Aloma M. Mukhtar, Judge, Supreme Court, Nigeria
49. Hon. Ms Justice Deviyanee Beesoondoyal, Puisne Judge, Supreme Court , Mauritius
50. Hon. Mr Justice Tshering Namgyel, JudgeHigh Court , Bhutan
51. Hon. Mr Justice Ali Akbar Mikrani, Chief Judge, Appellate Court, Nepal
52. Hon. Mr Justice Joseph Wowo, President, Court of Appeal , Gambia
53. Hon. Mr Justice Degboe D. Bernard, JudgeHigh Court of Justice , Benin
54. Hon. Mr Justice Zinsounon Jacob, JudgeHigh Court of Justice , Benin
55. Hon. Mr Justice Kassa Bathélémy, JudgeHigh Court of Justice , Benin
56. Hon. Ms Justice Liisa Kiianlinna, Judge, Kuopio Administrative Court, Finland
57. Hon. Ms Justice Mandisa Maya, Judge, Supreme Court of Appeal, South Africa
58. Hon. Mr Justice Jones Dotse, Judge, Supreme Court , Ghana
59. Hon. Mr Justice Nkosinathi Nkonyane, Judge, Industrial Court , Swaziland
60. Hon. Ms Justice Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix, Administrative Judge for Civil Matters, Second Judicial District, New York State Supreme Court, USA
61. Hon. Ms Justice Sylvia Ash, Judge, Kings County Civil Court, USA
62. Hon. Mr Justice K. Sripavan, Judge, Supreme Court, Sri Lanka
63. Hon. Justice Dr. Ricardo Acevedo Peralta , Judge, Central American Court of Justice , Nicaragua
64. Hon. Mr Justice Carlos Guerra, Judge, Central American Court of Justice, Nicaragua
65. Hon. Ms Justice Mary-Elizabeth Sharp, Judge, District Court , New Zealand
66. Hon. Ms Justice Saitip Sukatipan, Judge, Central Administrative Court, Thailand
67. Hon. Mr Justice Wachira Chobtang, Judge, Central Administrative Court, Thailand
68. Hon. Mr Justice Sheraly Jakypbaev, Judge, Supreme Court , Kyrgystan
69. Hon. Mr Justice Süleyman Caner, Judge, High Court of JusticeHead of the 10th Civil Chamber, Turkey
70. Hon. Mr Justice Ali Eryılmaz, Judge, High Court of Justice, Member of the 8th Civil Chamber, Turkey
71. Hon. Mr Justice Paata Silagadze, Judge, Supreme Court, Member, Chamber of Criminal Cases, Georgia
72. Hon. Ms Justice Anne Mary Gowora, Judge, Supreme Court, Zimbabwe
73. Hon. Ms Justice Vesna Ilić-Prelić, Judge, Constitutional Court , Serbia
74. Hon. Mr Justice P K Madigan, Judge, Supreme Court, Fiji Islands
75. Hon. Mr Justice Zonou Dobo Martin, President, Civil Division, Burkinafaso
76. Hon. Mrs Justice Stanka Vucinic, Deputy of the President of the Supreme Court and Judge of the Supreme Court, Montenegro
77. Hon. Mrs Justice Natalija Filipovic, Judge of the Supreme Court , Montenegro
78. Hon. Mr Justice Moataz Aboul Ezz, Vice President, Cairo Court of Appeals, , Egypt
79. Hon. Mr Justice Khaled Fathi Nagib, Administrative Judicature Council of the State, , Egypt
80. Hon. Mr.Justice Shkelzen Selimi, Judge, Supreme Court, Albania
81. Hon. Mr Justice Saifulahi Muntaka Coomassie JSC, CON , Judge, Supreme Court, Nigeria
82. Hon. Mr Justice Brassington Reynolds, Judge, Supreme Court, Guyana
83. Hon. Mr Justice Joaquim Madeira, Judge, Supreme Court, Mozambique
84. Hon. Justice Habteab Yemane Oghubazgi, Judge, High Court , Eritrea
85. Hon. Ms Justice Sharada Shrestha, Former Judge, Supreme Court, Nepal
86. Hon. Mr Justice A.P. Misra, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India and Chairman Reception Committee of the ICCJW , India
87. Hon. Mr Justice S. N. Phukan, Former Judge, Supreme Court, India
88. Hon. Dr Justice S. Radhakrishnan, Chairman, Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal, India
89. Hon. Mr Justice Raghuvendra S. Rathore, Judge, Rajasthan, High Court Bench, India
90. Hon. Mr Justice Ravi R. Tripathi, JudgeHigh Court of Gujarat, India
91. Hon. Mr Justice S K Gangele, Judge Gwalior Bench, High Court of Madhya Pradesh, India
92. Hon.Mr Justice Iqbal Singh, Former Judge, Punjab & Haryana, High Court , India
93. Hon. Mr Justice J. C. Verma, Former Judge, Punjab & Haryana, High Court, India
94. Hon. Mr Justice A. K. Srivastava, Former Judge, Allahabad and Delhi High Courts & Secretary General, Association of Retired Judges of        Supreme Court and High Courts of India
95. Hon. Mr Justice Kamleshwar Nath, Former Judge, Allahabad High Court, Lucknow bench, India
96. Hon. Mr Justice S. N. Sahay, Former Judge, Allahabad High Court, , India
97. Hon. Mr Justice Ali Abdulkarim Cazi, Former Judge, Bombay High Court, India
98. Hon. Mr Justice Sudhir Narain, Former Judge, Allahabad High Court, India
99. Hon. Mr Justice A. S. Qureshi, Former Judge, Gujarat High Court , India
100. Hon. Mr Justice R. K. Mahajan, Former Judge, Allahabad High Court, India
101. Hon. Mr Justice Abhay Kumar Gohil, Chairman - Appellate Authority For Industrial & Financial Reconstruction, Former Justice, High Court of          Madhya Pradesh, India
102. Hon. Mr Justice Rajesh Tandon, former chairperson , Cyber Regulation Appellate Tribunal, , India
103. Hon Mr Justice Noor-e-Alam Choudhury, Former Acting Chief Justice, Calcutta High Court, India