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HE Mr Bhairon Sing Shekhawat, Vice President of India
2. Hon'ble Mr Manmohan Singh, Prime Ministe of India
3. Hon'ble Mr Akil Akilov, Prime Minister of Tajakistan
4. HE Dr Boutros Butros-Gahali, President of the Egyptian National Commission of Human Rights
5. HE Sir Cuthbert Sebastian, Govenor-General of Saint Christopher and Nevis
6. HE Dame Silvia Cartwright PCNZM, DBE, Governor-General of New Zealand
7. HE Mr Lucio Gutierrez- Borbua, President of the Rupublic of Ecuador
8. Mr Bianca Mathovic, Head of the office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, State Secretary
9. Hon'ble Mr Bernard Makuza, The Prime Minister, Republic of Rwanda
10. Ms Suzanne Kasprzak, Private Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister, Canbera
11. Hon'ble Mr Justice Hon'ble Mr Justice Ch.GANBAT, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Mongolia
12. Hon'ble Mr Justice Mr Farhad Abdullaycv, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan Republic
13. Hon'ble Mr. Suchinda Yongsunthon, Bangkok, Thailand
14. Hon'ble Mr Sotos Demetriou, Member of the Permanen Court of Arbitration, Cyprus
15. Hon'ble Mr Justice Mr L E Unyolo, The Chief Justice of Malawi
16. Hon'ble Mr Justice Dr Armando Bermeo Castillo, Chairman of the first labour and social court of justice of the supreme court of justice of Ecuador
17. Hon'ble Mr Justice Syed J.R. Mudassir Husain, Chief Justice of Bangladesh
18. Hon'ble Mr Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr., Supreme court of the Philippines, Manila
19. Hon'ble Mr Justice Peter Shivute, Chief Justice of Namibia
20. Hon'ble Dr.Justice Simeon Gelevski Supreme Court of Macedonia
21. Hon'ble Mr Justice Philippe Kirsch, The President, International Criminal Court
22. Hon'ble Mr Justice Rosalyn Higgins, International Court of Justice, Netherlands
23. Hon'ble Mr Justice N.E. Dissanayake, Judge of the Supreme Court
24. Hon'ble Mr Justice Mohamed Shahabuddeen, International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, Churchillplein
24. Hon'ble Madam Justice Leposava Karamarkovic, Former Chief Justice of the Suprime Court of the Serbia
25. HE Mr Chen Shui-bian, President Republic of China (Taiwan)
26. Hon'ble Mr Amitabh Bachchan, Film Actor, Bombay, India
27. HE Mr Vishnu Sadashiv Kokje, Governor, Himachal Pradesh, India
28. HE Lt. Gen. K.M. Seth, Retd, Governor, Raipur
29 Hon'ble Mr Andrzej Kalwas, Minister of Justice Prosecutor General, Republic of Poland
30. Hon'ble Dr. Risku Abdulkadir, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
31. Hon'ble Mr Eduard Kukan Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic
32. Hon'ble Mr Michael Laimo, CBE, MP, Minister for Education, Papua New Guinea
33. Hon'ble Dr. Rashid Hamad Moahmed Al-Hamad, Minister of Education & Higher Education State of Kuwait
34. Hon'ble Mr Bernard Bot, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlads
35. Hon'ble General Mareel Ranjeva, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Madagascar
36. Hon'ble Lic. Francisco domlnguez Brito, Attorney General of Dominican Republic
37. HE Mr Joaquim ferreira Marques, Ambassador of Partugal, in India , New Delhi
38. HE Mr Archbishop Pedro Lopez Quintana, Apostolc Nuncio in India, New Delhi
39. HE Mr Benjamin Ruiz, Ambassador of Peru in India, New Delhi
40. HE Mr Abdelkrim Belarbi, Ambassador of Algeria in India, New Delhi
41. Hon'ble Mrs Jaya Bachchan, Member of Parliament, India
42. Hon'ble Mr Amar Singh, Member of Parliament, National General Secretary & Spokesman Samajwadi Party, India
43. Hon'ble Smt. Suryakanta Patil, Minister of State for Rural Development And Parliamentary Affairs, Govt. of India
44. Hon'ble Mr PR Dasmunsi, Minister of Water Resources, India
45. Hon'ble Mr Suresh Chandel, Member of Parliament, Himanchal Pradesh India
46. Hon'ble Mrs Maya Singh, Member of Parliament, India
47. Hon'ble Mr Rajeev Shukla, Member of Parliament, India
48. Hon'ble Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal Member of Parliament, India
49. Hon'ble Mr NC Borkataky, Member of Parliament, India
50. Hon'ble Mr Kuldeep Bishno, Member of Parliament, India
51. Hon'ble Mr Mani Charenamei, Member of Parliament, India
52. Hon'ble Prog. saifuddin Soz, Member of Parliament, India
53. Hon'ble Mr Santosh Bagrodia, Chairman Parliamentary Standing Committee on Industry, Member of Parliament, India
54. Hon'ble Mr Chandrasekhar Sahu, Member of Parliament, India
55. Mr Christine Winkler, Secretary to the Prince, Schloss Vaduz
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