Concept Note

‘Global Governance for Sustainable World Order’

We live in a world that is not too different from the one of the past. While earlier generations were faced with challenges of food security, health and education, a majority of people today are still struggling for equitable access to them. Although it is true that the world has become better connected due to the rapid advances in communications and the growth of international trade, disparities have increased exponentially, especially with regard to access to health, education, employment opportunities, social emancipation and environmental justice. With national governments being overthrown by force and the resurgence of terror as an acceptable means of achieving political objectives, human rights have taken a beating. Vaccine nationalism has made the world even more economically disparate and nations and people around the world are already experiencing the severe impact of climate change. International conduct is at an all-time low and global unity seems a chimera. Compounding the issue is the threat of nuclear proliferation and the very real danger of a Third World War....

Themes & Sub-themes

‘Uniting the World for Children through Enforceable World Law and Effective Global Governance’

Topics for discussion:

1. Global Citizenship, Education, Cross Cultural Understanding
2. Unity and Co-existence of Religions, Interfaith Dialogue
3. Role of civil societies and media for creating culture of Tolerance and Peace
4. Role of Judiciary in Building a More Secure and Equitable World
5. Lifelong Learning and education of youth for peace

Topics for discussion:

1. Creation of World Parliament to enact enforceable World Law
2. Limitations of International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court
3. Tackling Grand Corruption - Establishment of International Anti-Corruption Court
4. Relationship between International Law and Domestic Law

Topics for discussion:

1. Creating Awareness for, and Protection of, Fundamental Human Rights
2. Violence in and against children
3. Rights of Children
4. Rights of Women and Gender Equality

Topics for discussion:

1. U. N. Reform - Review of the U.N. Charter
2. Need for a new world order on democratic lines
3. Reform of Global Governance Structure (Collaboration and Accountability)
4. Consideration of options for global structure suggested by various organizations for effective global governance.

Topics for discussion:

1. Regional and International Terrorism - Extremism
2. Ethnic and Civil Wars, Tackling Race, Religion and Gender Prejudices
3. Nuclear Disarmament
4. Gender Equality Empowerment of Woman for Social Equity and Social Justice

Topics for discussion:

1. Problem of Global Warming and Climate Change post - COP - 26 at Glasgow
2. International Environmental Law - Need for International Environment Court
3. Effect of Global population growth and sharing of natural resources
4. Review of progress and Role of Youth in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2030
5. Global Health Challenges

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