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Parallel Session Thematic Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

N.B.: The number of Thematic Groups of Parallel Sessions may be increased depending on the number of participants.

Parallel Session - Thematic Group 1: Creating a Culture of Unity & Peace

Topics for discussion:
  1. Peace Education, Cross Cultural Understanding
  2. Unity and Co-existence of Religions, Interfaith Dialogue
  3. Role of civil societies, media and education for creating culture of Unity and Peace
  4. Law Courts and Religion

Parallel Session - Thematic Group 2: Establishing Rule of Law

Topics for discussion:
  1. Creation of World Parliament to enact enforceable World Law
  2. Limitations of International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court
  3. International Judicial Activism
  4. Teaching & Training in International Law
  5. Relationship between International Law and Domestic Law

Parallel Session - Thematic Group 3: Human Rights

Topics for discussion:
  1. Creating Awareness for, and Protection of, Fundamental Human Rights
  2. Violence in and against children
  3. Rights of Children
  4. Rights of Women and Gender Equality

Parallel Session - Thematic Group 4: Global Governance Structure

Topics for discussion:
  1. U. N. Reform
  2. Need for a new world order on democratic lines
  3. Structure of Global Democracy
  4. Consideration of options for global structure suggested by various organization for effective global governance.
  5. Role of International Financial Institutions e.g. IMF, World Bank. etc.

Parallel Session - Thematic Group 5: Tackling Global Issues

Topics for discussion:
  1. Regional and International Terrorism
  2. Ethnic and Civil Wars, genocide by misguided forces
  3. Nuclear Proliferation and Disarmament
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Refugee Problem

Parallel Session - Thematic Group 6: Sustainable Development

Topics for discussion:
  1. Problem of Global Warming and Climate Change post - COP - 2015 at Paris
  2. International Environmental Law
  3. Effect of Global population growth
  4. Sharing of natural resources, like mineral resources, water, etc.
  5. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.